SPAIN Europe Unit Study Cultural Studies Educational Bundle - 99 Pages Themed Activities

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Travel to the country of Spain with this interactive, hands-on educational activity bundle! Study facts about Spain with the colorful poster, flag and coat of arms coloring page. Discover the major landmarks, cities and provinces of Spain and identify with map pinning and continent pinning. Learn fun facts about Spain with the full-color fun-facts ring cards.

Learn major events in Spanish history with the timeline poster and build an incredible 3D Model of the iconic Sagrada Familia out of paper. Learn about famous Spanish artists throughout history and try your hand at creating Parc Güell terrace out of playdough and making your own cubism art out of upcycled magazines.

Did you know the tooth fairy in Spain is actually a rat named Ratoncito Perez? practice reading with the colorful Ratoncito Perez mini book. Learn about the other animals native to Spanish fauna and study the life cycle of the Bull, the national animal of Spain. Match shadows to matador images and work on gross motor skills by trying to play football (soccer).

Learn about Spanish Festivals with the colorful information cards and create Flamenco-style crafts such as a dancer, a fan and keep beat with the castanets. Create fireworks with olive oil as a fun science experiment. Create colorful geometric Spanish tiles and build colorful neighborhoods of houses. Celebrate Christmas with a Tió de Nadal activity made out of toilet roll. Make and eat Gazpacho with a child-friendly recipe.

Learn about famous conquistadors and make a child-size conquistador helmet. Paint scallop shells and learn about the Camino De Santigo and make your own pilgrimage using the shells as directions. Practice counting 1-8 with Spanish puzzle and learn basic Spanish phrases with the language cards. Compare, contrast and learn monetary value with the Euro, Spain's currency.

All this and more are included in this amazing bundle! Check out our other country unit studies! Each unit study is extensively researched by visiting these countries in person and interviewing native persons, to be as authentic as possible.