SPACE Educational Unit Bundle | Solar System | Stars | Galaxies | Astronauts | 99 Pages Themed Activities

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Learn all about our solar system and space with this highly interactive space-themed activity bundle! Included is a solar system poster with space fun fact cards. High-quality images of the solar system parts in 3-part card form and a time-line of space exploration is also included.

Learn the alphabet with vocabulary from A-Z, and match the parts of the solar system in a hands-on puzzle. Create a solar system orbit model where the planets revolve around the sun and so does the moon around the earth. Speaking of how orbits are created, test out how the mass of different spheres affects their orbit with a hands-on experiment. Learn the distance of each planet from the sun with the shoe-string solar system measuring activity, based on astronomical units. Practice scissor skills with planet-themed cutting strips. Lastly, trace the beautiful patterns the plants make in relationship to other planets as they orbit the sun.

Space is incredibly large and we don't even know that much about it realistically. Travel away from the earth in powers of 100 up to one light year and see how our view of the earth changes. Match up units of time (day, month, year) based on orbits. Learn the parts of the telescope.

Create your own 3D earth model with Montessori colors and matching continent flashcards. Learn about the layers of the earth and atmosphere with a gorgeous poster and craft. Learn about an amazing woman who helped calculate NASA astronauts to space.

Learn the parts of the moon and create real-time phases with an @savyactivities exclusive moon slider. Create yummy Oreo® moon phases. Blast off with air-powered paper rockets powered with straws. Learn some of the amazing astronauts of history with a rousing "Guess Who" game that is based on how many missions they've experienced, dates of birth (and death is applicable) and nationality. Create a fun astronaut craft by putting the child's photo in the spacesuit. Learn about water content in food by making dehydrated "astronaut" food.

Observe the anatomy of a satellite with our detailed poster and match satellite photos as a memory recognition activity. Make satellites out of upcycled "junk" and experiment with how gravity and resistance affect each other. Create a safe sun-viewing out of a cereal box and view the next upcoming solar eclipse.

Explore the world of starts with fun popcorn constellations with toothpicks based on several popular constellations - do you know where to find them in the night sky? Learn about the zodiac constellations and display them in a darkened room with included templates and a flashlight. Learn the life cycle of a star with our interactive spinner and tracing work. Create fizzy stars with a simple science experiment.

Asteroids have made their mark on our earth and other planetary bodies. Make "moon sand" and check out how lava rock asteroids affect the surface of the earth. Practice geography by locating famous asteroid impact craters around the world.

Space is full of galaxies and nebulas - learn the different shapes of galaxies and make a calming galactic sensory bottle out of glitter glue. Practice color matching with nebula color match cards and lastly count space-themed objects with interactive clip cards.

So much fun!