Montessori & STEM Inspired MEXICO Unit Study - Activities & Printables!

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This Mexico Unit Study is full of so many fun activities and printables! Includes an educational Mexico placemat and flag poster. Montessori-inspired Mexico landmark three-part cards and landmark & cities map pinning as well as a flag continent pinning & outline. Decorate the Mexican flag with colorful beans and learn about the local animals with full color three-part cards.

Set up a diorama of famous landmark Chichén Itzá, make sugar skulls using large Easter eggs as molds, create music with Easter egg maracas and create and decorate a festive piñata. Make a sombrero out of paper plates and cups and dress like Frida Kahlo in vibrant tissue paper flowers.

Speaking of colors, sort fun photos of Mexico to appropriate colors, create a pyramid out of cubes, make yummy Tamales in a kid-friendly recipe and grow an avocado. Learn about the life cycle and parts of the Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) and practice tracing the letters. Compare and contrast Mexico's currency, the Peso and read about Frida Kahlo's life in our mini book. Compare other famous Mexican art with a mini art study!

Make a cactus out of playdough and toothpicks and learn counting 1-10 with colorful printables and matching cards. Study Geodes in a mini study that includes a cracking activity with REAL geodes, make a science version out of Epsom salts and a fun poster showing how they are made. Enjoy coloring your own colorful geodes in beautiful coloring outlines.

Travel into the rainforest and match animals to their habitat and learn about the layers of the rainforest. Put together a jointed monkey with brads and read about fun facts of Mexico. Practice Spanish with fun language cards, dress up a Latino-themed paper-doll and enjoy the sugar skull & Mayan calendar coloring pages.

So much fun for a very small price!

*Only digital copies are included - items show such as prompts, trays, pencils, etc (all physical items) are only for demonstration purposes.