Mexican MEXICO Country Unit Study | Mesoamerica History, Activity & Printables!

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Travel to the colorful country of Mexico in this hands-on interactive learning bundle. Learn about the highlights and fun facts of Mexico with our full color poster and fact cards. Discover the extensive history of Mexico through the different time periods with our history poster and timeline cards. Identify major landmarks with our Montessori-inspired three-part cards, map pinning, outline with states and continent pinning.

Beans (legumes) are a stable of the Mexican diet - create a colorful Mexican flag with beans. Build a 3D model of the iconic pyramid El Castillo (Chichén Itzá) and contrast and compare other pyramids in our Units of Measurement activity. Learn about two major civilizations, the Maya and Aztec through interactive flip books and colorful images featuring some of the highlights of these civilizations. Create a Maya Calendar Round and grown your own Chinampas (floating) garden like the Aztecs did.

Discover the amazing animals of Mexico with our Mexico fauna three-part cards. Learn the layers of the rainforest and match native animals in our habitat match. Create a jointed monkey to play with and grow an avocado, a major export of Mexico. Learn about the life cycle and anatomy of the Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) and practice tracing this word for early writing practice.

Learn about the Mexican currency, the Peso and study the life of Friday Kahlo, an amazing Mexican artist with our Frida Kahlo: Mexico's Flower Mini Book, perfect for early readers! Pair with the Frida Kahlo paper-doll for hands-on vocabulary fun! Make flowers out of tissue paper and create a wreath like Frida often worn. Explore other Mexican arts with beautiful full color info cards.

Create your own Mexican art with our Milagros tin heart templates. Cut out colorful Papel Picado flags and make sugar skulls. Create a Piñata and make music from Easter Egg maracas. Each activity includes step-by-step instruction. Put together a paper Sombrero and learn about the Mariachi uniform with our full color illustrated poster. Promote fine motor skills by lacing a Mexican guitar.

Mexico is a colorful country - match images to appropriate colors, to promote color recognition. Practice units of measurement by making a child-friendly recipe of Tamales. Make a toothpick cactus and match cactus cards and count 1-10 with number cacti flowers. Mexico is the home of many geodes - learn how these are created in our full color illustrated poster and conduct a fun science experiment by making your geodes out of Epsom Salts. Lastly, practice basic Spanish words and phrases with eight illustrated flash cards.

Includes 100 pages of resources - please watch the video preview showing each page included. Please note that this listing is only for resources used and and physical items shown in the photos such as prompts, trays, pencils, etc., are only for demonstration purposes.

-File measurements are 8.5" X 11" (Letter) size.
-These resources have been enjoyed from preschool to middle-school. Due to individual learning differences, no specific age range is determined, but please review the included activities first to see if it's a right fit for your family/class.
-This activity book/bundle/unit study is not meant to be a comprehensive curriculum, but rather a supplement. A variety of subjects are included, which pair well with existing curriculums to provide thematic focus.