Montessori Inspired THAILAND Asia Unit Study - Activities & Printables!

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Learn all about Thailand with this fun interactive hands-on educational bundle. Included are 83 pages of printables, lessons, activities which cover literacy, reading, fine and gross motor skills, music, math, history, social studies and much much more. 

Thailand is a beautiful country with rich culture. Focus on geography with the colorful placemat and flag poster. Recognize major landmarks and cities with an interactive pinning work and locate Thailand on the Asia continent with a map pin. Learn fun facts about Thailand with colorful ring cards. Learn about the animals of Thailand with three-part cards and a life cycle spinner/parts of activity for the Asian Elephant, as well as how the Asia and Africa Elephant differ. 

Continue the study of elephants with a fun elephant trumpeting craft and test your fine motor skills with a painting and suction experiment based on elephants. Learn about fun Thai festivals with full color info cards and celebrate by making sand Supras/Pagodas & Lotus Flower Krathong and learn pattern recognition with the fun feed the monkey activity based on the Monkey Festival!

Indulge in the culture of Thailand by making Khao Niaow Ma Muang, and host a Nang Talung Shadow Puppet show or Khon Mask Performance. Create a Thai spirit house and set up the Grand Palace in a fun diorama. Work on math skills with colorful counting puzzles for younger kids and learning different angles with colorful matching cards. Study the Thailand Currency Baht and see how it differs from your own money system. 

Read aloud the tale of Ta-in and Ta-na in a little mini book and learn Thai phrases with the phrase cards. Study the interesting musical instruments of Thailand in beautiful 3-Part Cards that include the Thai name. Lastly, indulge in the Buddhist concept of mindfulness with animal themed activity cards. 

All this and MORE included!