Montessori Inspired NATIVE AMERICA Unit Study - Activities & Printables!

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Travel back in time with this Montessori-Inspired North American Unit Study and learn about the First People of North America. *Please note that we tried to be as historically accurate as possible and consulted Native American sources for feedback and suggestions.

Learn about some of the larger tribes with continent pinning, and learn about animals of North America. Practice tracing pictographs, learn about Native American dwellings and make your own Longhouse, Tipi, Igloo, Hogan & Adobe models. Play in a Native American sensory bin and sharpen your tracking skills with fun track cards and dirt play.

Create a bow & arrow and learn about how they work and the concept of propulsion. Practice pattern recognition with arrowhead matching and work on fine motor skills with corn kernel removal. Make an indigenous corn husk doll and built a totem with a paper roll. Create music with gourd drums and craft a dream catcher.

Learn about the three sisters (corn, squash and beans) and learn about legumes of North America with legume 3-part cards. Practice grinding corn and acorns into flour and try your hand at making fry bread.

Learn about the great Bison with a Life Cycle, Parts of & Tracing of the word Bison. Learn the different between bison and buffalo. Study the Great Plains (grasslands) with a fun habitat match activity. Learn the significance of eagle feathers and work on matching North American birds with their appropriate feathers.

Learn Native American fun facts, a basics of Cherokee Syllabary invented by Sequoia. Learn about other Historic Native Americans in colorful Info cards. Listen to the story of the Turtle Island legend in the mini-book and build a Native American Canoe and take on your bison and eagle spirit in fun spirit masks.

All this and more is included, for just one small price! :) Choose from a digital download file or a printed copy, mailed directly to you!