Montessori Inspired ITALY Unit Study Italian Roman Crafts, Activities & Printables!

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Learn all about Italy in this 80+ page activity bundle! Includes step-by-step crafts, science experiments, printables and more that promote math, language, reading, science and biology.

Learn Italian geography with the landmark three-part cards and cities map pinning. Learn the regions with the Italy outline and regions map. Find Italy on the European continent with the flag pinning. Learn basic facts about Italy with the full color educational placemat/poster & Italian flag. Indulge in the smells of Italy with the Italian herb art flag craft.

Study the amazing animals of Italy with full color three-part cards, create a pop-up 3D Venice canal and gondola and a 3D diorama of the Colosseum. Learn the traditional art of the grape stomping and all about grape growing with a life cycle, parts of and tracing work - all grape themed! Make your own pizza dough and enjoy a Italian lunch!

Study the Italian currency, the Euro and learn about Roman numerals and make your own salt dough coins! Create a Roman road out of rocks and "dirt" playdough and learn to count with pasta counting clip-cards. How strong is spaghetti? Learn the concept of weight distribution in this fun science experience, and practice scissor skills with a sensory twice with pasta cutting.

Create a Chitarra Italiana model of this Italian "guitar" out of a paint stick and paper bowl. Learn about Antonio Vivaldi in a historic mini-book and poster. Did you know that the thermometer was invented by an Italian? Learn the concept measuring temperature with an interactive thermometer and learn other fun facts about Italy with a set of full-color ring cards, full of interesting facts about Italy! Even make a jointed Pinocchio puppet, also a Italian creation!

Italy has all the active volcanos in Europe - create a science experiment of a real "erupting" volcano with a 3D model and step by step instructions. Learn about how Volcanos form with a illustrated poster and learn about volcanos around the world with full color cards.

Italy is known for amazing art - learn some of the more famous artists and pieces in full color cards, paint a ceiling like Michelangelo in a process art activity, and make a Mona Lisa inspired self-portrait. We also included a Roman mosaic counting puzzle!

Speaking of numbers - learn fractions in yummy Pizza-themed fractions to visualize this concept. Learn basic Italian phrases with our Language cards and create a fun Venice Carnival Mask! All this and more is included for just one small price!