Montessori Inspired ISRAEL Unit Study - Jewish Feasts, Activities, Crafts & More

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Learn all about the incredible country of Israel in this fun Montessori inspired unit study! Study some major landmarks and cities with interactive pinning work including the entire continent of Asia. Included is the ancient 12 tribes of Israel land map. Learn about animals of Israel, walk like a camel and make a fun camel puppet.

Learn about Jewish festivals with fact cards and decorate your own Jewish calendar which can be matched to the Gregorian calendar. Enjoy different holidays such as Sukkot, Passover and Hanukkah with themed activities. Work on numbers with a fun "Western Wall" fraction fun, Hebrew counting cards, number pinning cards even match shapes to fun Israeli photos.

Conduct a scientific experiment with salt and see how things float like they do on the dead sea. Learn about the olive tree lifecycle, parts of and tracing work. Enjoy crafting your own Torah, Shofar horn, fish mosaic and star of David and make a Western Wall diorama out of sugar cubes.

So much fun and learning packed into 83 pages!

*Photo of shelves includes physical resources not included, such as trays, rings and baskets that the resources are arranged in. Please note this is ONLY for the resources used.