Montessori Inspired IRELAND Europe Unit Study w/Saint Patrick's Day Irish Activities

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Learn all about Ireland in this fun interactive hands-on educational bundle. Discover the major landmarks and cities with the landmark and country geographical pinning, identify the counties of Ireland and locate Ireland on the continent of England. Learn fun facts and information with the Ireland Poster, Flag & Fun Fact Cards. Identify major events in Irish history with the timeline poster. 

Build a detailed 3D model of St. Patrick's Cathedral out of paper, a iconic 12th century cathedral in the heart of Dublin. Practice reading with the story of St. Patrick and the Lost Lamb Mini-book. Learn the Gaelic Alphabet with full color flashcards. And work on tracing skills with the Celtic symbol tracing cards, as well as information about the different designs. Practice fine motor skills by tying a Celtic knot. 

Make a Celtic Harp. Make interactive paint stampers out of potatoes and grow your very own potato plant. Discover various varieties of potatoes with life-size flashcards. Make a batch of soda bread and watch the rainbow appear with the colored candy rainbow experiment. Make rainbow popsicles and practice Irish step-dancing. Speaking of Leprechauns and rainbows, practice counting 1-10 with the Pot 'O Gold counting cards, snap selfies with the leprechaun photo props, solve a leprechaun maze and identify green things on a nature scavenger hunt. 

Although Irish people are often depicted as having red-hair, only about 10% of the population actually has red hair. BUT, this is much higher than the 1-2% worldwide, so it's not surprising that red hair is associated with Ireland. Learn how genetics plays a role in determining what we look like with the Punnett squares genetics activity. Make a Claddagh card for somebody special. Create a Shamrock out of upcycled melted straws. Count blessings with the Shamrock blessing cards and learn the life cycle, anatomy & tracing. Try your hand at the Irish Game of Rings

Learn about the temperate deciduous forest, the biome of much of Ireland, with the matching puzzle and trophic layer poster and cards. Learn about the currency of Ireland by studying the Euro with interactive examples. Lastly build a 3D model of the iconic Titanic, which was built in Belfast Ireland. 

This resource includes 99 pages of resources - perfect for early to middle elementary school.