Montessori Inspired ICELAND Unit Study - Viking, Icelandic, Geyser & Tundra Activities

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Learn all about the beautiful country of Iceland with interactive, hands-on activities! Learn about the country with our placemat/poster and flag, study landmarks with full color three-part cards, and visualize locations of landmarks and cities with our map pinning. See where Iceland is in relationship the rest of the world with the continent flag pinning & outline. Learn about indigenous animals with the Icelandic fauna full color three-part cards.
Made a 3D Model of the iconic church, Hallgrímskirkja. Play with traditional Völuskrín or toys made out of bones. Carve Huldufólk out of of apples and have them get all wrinkly to look like the elves and trolls that fill Icelandic myth and legend. 
Travel in time to learn about Vikings by making a Milk Carton Viking Ship. Practice early writing skills with the Viking Runes tracing cards and play a matching game with Viking Runes stones. Don a Viking Mask and use fun Viking-themed pieces to learn basic math. Play the Toga Hönk (tug-a-war) and color a Viking picture. 
Learn about Aurora Borealis and match beautiful Icelandic pictures of this gorgeous phenomena. Indulge in a Aurora Borealis sensory bath. Read the story of Nanahbozno and the Northern Lights in our illustrated mini-book. Iceland is also home to the original geyser "geysir" - learn how geysers are created as well as make your own with our fun science experiment. Study geysers around the world with our full color geyser example cards. 
Iceland is known for Puffins, so learn the life cycle of this amazing bird, parts of the puffin and learning to write "puffin" with tracing work. Use little fish to "feed" the puffing to count 1-12. Learn about the Tundra with our Icelandic tundra habitat matching poster/puzzle. Match the animals to their places and learn about what makes the tundra a unique biome. Iceland is also known for many whales, so learn about some of the major ones with our beautiful whales of the world poster and illustrated cards and lacing whale for fine motor work.
Make Pönnukökur - a traditional Icelandic breakfast and learn about Iceland in our Fun Facts cards. Study the Icelandic Króna (ISK) with our full color examples that can be compared and contrasted with other currencies. "Sing" Icelandic Rimur, a unique chant-style music form and practice saying different words with Icelandic language cards. Created a beautiful Nordic start with our string art activity, a design seen on a lot of local craftmanship. 
All this and more is included in this fun and educational bundle!