Montessori Inspired GHANA West Africa Unit Study: Activities & Printables!

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Learn all about Ghana with this fun interactive hands-on educational bundle. Included are 80 pages of printables, lessons, activities which cover literacy, reading, fine and gross motor skills, music, math, history, social studies and much much more.

 Learn about Ghana as a country with a colorful placemat and flag poster. Recognize major landmarks and cities with an interactive pinning work and locate Ghana on the African continent with a map pin. Learn about the animals of Ghana with three-part cards and a life cycle spinner/parts of activity for the Lion. Create kente cloth with a process art activity and lacing work. Cut out a paper doll wearing kente and add to a colorful mud hut craft. Make an African mask and work on matching skills with a mask matching cards.

Create a Djembe drum out of cups, and learn to balance like an African. Learn about the folklore of Anansi, the sneaky spider with a fun mini book and spider craft. Enter the world of the African savannah with a fun small world sensory activity. Match the animals to the appropriate habitat, enjoy animal track matching cards and learn about birds and their eggs (and compare sizes!) that also live in this country. Speaking of eggs, perform a fun science experiment and create a naked squishy egg!

Make Fufu, a native delicacy, test your strategy in a game of Achi, color the national emblem of Ghana and study the Cedi, the local currency. Brush up on Akan/Twi, a native language, count by 1, 3, 5 & 10 with Ghana Photo Puzzles and cool off with a Bolga fan. Included are also a ring cards with fun facts about Ghana - did you know that Ghana is home to 800+ butterfly species? Create your own butterflies and enjoy their colorful reflections with a fun reflection craft. Strike it rich with the panning for gold sensory bin - so much fun packed into an amazing bundle! Fun for children as young as toddlers and through elementary school!