CHINA Chinese Country Cultural Study | ASIA Continent | Hands-on Activities!

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Learn all about the country of China and the Chinese culture with this amazing bundle of interactive resources.

Study details about this county along with full color photos of major landmarks with the educational placemat/poster and Chinese flag. Travel to incredible landmarks with the landmark & city map pinning activity and gorgeous three-part cards. Study the many providences of China with the easy to read poster and learn fun facts about this country with our fun-fact cards.

Explore the different time periods of Chinese history with our timeline poster and period cards which illustrate the difference dynasty/time periods. Learn about the lunar calendar as well as the twelve different Zodiac animals. Read about the legend of how these animals were chosen to represent these years in "The Story of the Chinese Zodiac" mini-book

Build and incredible model of the "Great Wall" of China out of paper - featuring an exclusive design with incredible detail. Includes step-by-step instructions. Learn about Chinese Fauna with beautiful full-color three-part cards. Study the life cycle and parts of the Giant Panda. Younger children can practice tracing and counting skills with Panda-themed activities. And for fun, make a tiger and panda mask!

Celebrate Lunar New Year with a hands-on sensory tray. Make a clothespin dragon with an opening and closing mouth. Make red envelopes to give to friends and family. Decorate with our printable paper lantern craft. Make colorful slime as a fun science experience showing how chemical compositions affect each other. Lastly, put together traditional paper-dolls and learn the names of traditional Chinese clothing.

Chinese are credited with inventing paper. Use discarded paper around the house to create colorful paper, with step-by-step instructions. Make Chow Mein with a colorful, kid-friendly recipe. Explore gross and fine motor skills with a Chinese Ribbon Dance. Make music with cooking instruments and learn about the Chinese Gong.

Compare and contrast local currency with educational illustrations of the Renminbi, the Chinese monetary currency. For younger children, practice counting with Chinese icon clip cards. China is the leading producer of mushrooms - each mushroom has unique shapes which can be studied with mushroom pileus (cap) shape cards, patterns to create felt or foam outlines as well as learning the parts of the mushroom with a beautiful watercolor poster.

Mount Everest borders Tibet, an autonomous region of China, and is the world's tallest mountain. Compare mountain peaks from around the world with our units of measurement activity, including the seven summits of the highest peaks on each continent. Practice tracing Mandarin Chinese Letter tracing and attempt to solve Tangram puzzle riddles. 99 pages of resources!

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