CANADA North America Continent Study | Canadian Activities, Crafts & Printables! *100 Pages*

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Learn all about Canada and North America with this interactive activity bundle! Learn interesting facts about Canada with the colorful Canadian placemat/poster & flag. Identify major events in Canadian history with the full color timeline poster.

Learn about famous Canadian landmarks with the landmark cards, cities and map pinning. Learn the provinces with a interactive map and outline to color. Learn Canada's location within North America with the continent and flag pinning, and make a fun handprint Canadian flag!

Create an amazing 3D paper model of the iconic CN Tower, which used to be the tallest free-standing structure in the world. Includes step-by-step instructions on how to assemble. Measures 17.5 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide at base when completed. 

Canada is home to lots of amazing animals. Learn about some of them with indigenous fauna 3-part cards, put together a Canadian goose puzzle. Create an interactive felt puzzle of the moose and learn the different anatomical parts. Did you know Canada has more than 60% of all polar bears? Make a fun cotton ball polar bear and see how you measure up to the height of a polar bear with a fun measuring activity, and compare this amazing bear to other bears of the world with a fun bear poster.

Learn about the national animal, the beaver with a fun life cycle spinner, anatomy and tracing work. Build a beaver dam of your own and see if it will hold water as a fun STEM-themed project. Learn about the different parts of the beaver dam and chew like a beaver with vegetables and play pin the tail on the beaver. 

Canada is also known for it's maple syrup - learn how it's made with a fun mini study including making maple taffy or "sugar on snow" as it's also known. Do you know the difference between concentration and dilution? What a sweet way to learn! If you're still hungry, make a batch of Poutine with a kid-friendly recipe.

Continue your study of the maple by making beautiful colorful maple leaves with a fun process art, learn the types of different maple leaves with colorful 3-part cards, sort different colors of maple leaves and enjoy some lacing work with a oversized leaf, perfect for fine motor work. 

The northern regions of Canada are known for the Inuit people, so we included a interactive flip book of some major themes of the Inuit people with full color photos to glue inside. Observe the pieces of traditional Inuit clothing with our illustrated poster. Create a 3D paper igloo diorama of these iconic dwellings, read the story of the Inukshuk with our mini-book, perfect for young readers and of course making your own Inukshuk from rocks - what fun balancing work!

Continue the culture study of learning the Canadian National Anthem and matching Canadian slang terms to photos of common items - how fun, eh? Learn about the Canadian dollar in the currency study and help dress your own Mountie, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Paper Doll! Did you know the telephone invention was conceived in Canada? Make your own working telephone out of metal cans and listen to the sound vibrations from one end to another in this interesting STEM-themed activity.

Make folk music with spoons and washboards (or a cheese grater if that's all you have), get some exercise with a outdoor game of fox and geese, exercise your mind with Canadian postage stamp matching cards and count with hockey-themed counting clip cards.

Canada is also home to many national parks and reserves - learn about these beautiful areas with our annotated poster. Lake Khiluk, also known as spotted lake, is a fascinating location of highly concentrated mineral basins, which in summer evaporate giving the lake its spotted, colorful appearance. Create your own colorful version of this lake in a fun process art activity. Learn how the Horseshoe falls in Niagara falls has eroded over the years and test your word recognition with a fun themed word search. Learn about the different types of waterfalls with interactive flashcards

With 100 pages of full color activities, printables and crafts, this activity bundle is perfect for Canada Day or any other day of the year!