Montessori Inspired CANADA Day Unit Study | Activities, Printables & More! 80+ Pages!!

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Learn all about Canada in this brand-new amazing unit study! Learn interesting facts about Canada with the colorful Canadian placemat/poster & flag. Learn famous landmarks with the landmark cards, cities and map pinning. Learn the provinces with a interactive map and outline to color. Learn Canada's location within North America with the continent and flag pinning, and make a fun handprint Canadian flag!

Canada is home to lots of amazing animals. Learn about some of them with indigenous fauna 3-part cards, put together a Canadian goose puzzle. Did you know Canada has more than 60% of all polar bears? Make a fun cotton ball polar bear and channel your biggest roar with a polar bear mask. Compare this amazing bear to other bears of the world with a fun bear poster, and color your own polar bear coloring page. Learn about the national animal, the beaver with a fun life cycle spinner, parts of and writing/tracing work. Build a beaver dam of your own and see if it will hold water as a fun STEM project. Learn about the different parts of the beaver dam with a color cross-section and ring cards. Chew like a beaver with vegetables and play pin the tail on the beaver. 

Canada is also known for it's maple syrup - learn how it's made with a fun mini study including making maple taffy or "sugar on snow" as it's also known. Do you know the difference between concentration and dilution? What a sweet way to learn! If you're still hungry, make a batch of Poutine with a kid-friendly recipe. Continue your study of the maple by making beautiful colorful maple leaves with a fun process art, learn the types of different maple leaves with colorful 3-part cards, sort different colors of maple leaves and enjoy some lacing work with a oversized leaf, perfect for fine motor work. 

The northern regions of Canada are known for the Inuit people, so we included a 3D Igloo diorama of these iconic dwellings, a mini story of the Inukshuk and of course making your own Inukshuk from rocks - what fun balancing work! Continue the culture study of learning the Canadian National Anthem and matching Canadian slang terms to photos of common items - how fun, eh? Learn about the Canadian dollar in the currency study and help dress your own Mountie, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Paper Doll!

Make folk music with spoons and washboards (or a cheese grater if that's all you have), get some exercise with a outdoor game of fox and geese, exercise your mind with Canadian postage stamp matching cards and count with hockey-themed counting clip cards.

All this and more with over 80 pages of full color activities, printables and crafts - perfect for Canada Day or any other day of the year!