JAMAICA Unit Study Educational Study Bundle - Crafts, Hands-on Activities, Science & More!

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Learn all about the amazing country of Jamaica with this interactive educational e-workbook. Includes lots of hands-on crafts, activities and learning resources. Learn interesting facts about Jamaica in a the colorful placemat/poster & flag and learn about major landmarks with the Montessori-inspired landmark three-part cards and locate these landmarks and major cities on the the cities on the map pinning activity. Make a colorful Jamaican flag out of rice and color in the Jamaican coat of arms. 

Learn fun facts about Jamaica with colorful ring cards and learn about some of the animals of this beautiful country in the Jamaican Fauna three-part cards. Make an Jamaican juice box car out of upcycled juice boxes and read the folktale of the Golden Table with our minibook. Fry up some plantains with our child-friendly recipe. Make a beat with Jamaican steel drums upcycled from tin cans. 

Jamaica is home to some amazing animals. Learn about the life cycle of the Leatherback Sea Turtle and learn to trace the letters to Turtle as well as it's anatomy. Make a turtle nest in a tray and learn about the beach/marine coast habitat with a matching activity and full color cards. Make eggshells magically disappear with the magic of science. Jamaica also has quite a few jellyfish - learn about colorful jellyfish around the world with the Jellyfish cards and poster, and make a mesmerizing jellyfish sensory bottle. Test your counting skills of 1-10 with the Jellyfish counting tentacles. 

Learn about the indigenous people of the Caribbean by making a Taíno Dwelling with paper natives. Practice tracing Taíno symbols with the included cards. Study the Jamaican Dollar J$ and make a rastacap like Bob Marley was photographed wearing. See how fast you can run and compare it to Olympic champion and Jamaican Usain Bolt. Practice Jamaican Patois with colorful language cards and color a drawing of Mary Jane Seacole. 

Jamaica is home to many butterflies, including the Jamaican swallowtail. Make a colorful butterfly with blob art, a fun process art activity. Match butterfly watercolor art together with fun matching cards. Jamaican has many beautiful orchids, and you can make your own gorgeous blooms with dyed coffee filters. Match patterns with orchid pictures. Lastly, practice counting and skip counting with full color photo puzzles. 

Over 80 pages of resources, activities and printables, perfect for ages 2-12.