Italian OPERA Study w/Style Fan Libretto Matching & Vivaldi Mini-Book

Italian OPERA Study w/Style Fan Libretto Matching & Vivaldi Mini-Book

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The history of opera began in Florence, Italy in 1597 with the premiere of Jacopo Peri's Dafne. In the eighteenth century Naples became the center of the opera and the Italian style influenced strongly many important foreign composers.

Create an opera-style fan with some of the more prominent Italian opera composers styles. Each composer had their own style(s) that affected the compositions of their opera score, and can be visualized by the ups and downs, intensity and features of their music. Note: These visualizations are based on common themes or a well known score of each composer, and should not be considered comprehensive of all their compositions.

Learn the different parts of an opera presentation with a dual-sided libretto style interactive poster with labels to match. Read about Vivaldi's life in our illustrated mini-book, perfect for young readers.

Includes nine (9) pages of resources, recommended to be printed dual-sided on 8.5 X 11" cardstock Paper. Resources also included in our ITALY ACTIVITY BOOK. *Photos may include completed items or display items not included. Please note this is ONLY for the printed or digital copies of the resources used.