INDIA Indian Country Cultural Study | ASIA Continent | Hands-on Activities!

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Travel to the colorful country of INDIA through learning activities with this comprehensive hands-on activity bundle. Learn a general overview of this country with the educational India and flag poster, including a coloring sheet to color your own flag. Identify major historical events with the India history poster & timeline cards.

Learn about some of the major landmarks of India with Montessori-inspired 3-part cards and map pinning work. Observe the country outline and learn the states and territories of India and where it is located in the continent of Asia. Review fun facts about this interesting country and compare and contrast the Rupee ₹ with other types of currencies. Create a 3D model of the Taj Mahal, an iconic landmark of India, including step-by-step instructions. Learn about the traditional dress of India and create a pair of Jutti shoes out of felt.

Continue your exploration of India's flora and fauna with Montessori-inspired 3-part cards of indigenous fauna, a fun peacock craft, a hands-on torn paper tiger craft and tiger subspecies poster, and anatomy & life cycle of the mango including a tracing page for early writers.

The major religion of India is Hindu, with Hinduism being a major part of the culture of India - learn about this religion with the Hindu Flip Book and themes of Hinduism craft. Learn about the major Hindu deities and discover how festivals are timed with the Hindu Panchāngam or calendar. Study eight major festivals of India with full color info cards. Explore how Puja is used to honor deities and guests and learn about the articles of a Puja tray of thalis with an interactive set and poster.

Festivals are such a big part of India culture - make salt dough diya lamps which really work using salt dough and ghee and make paint-by-spice art in Rangoli designs to celebrate Diwali. Make Onathappan pyramids and create Kammattikali masks to celebrate Onam. Read an Indian myth/story of the Poor Brahmin in a mini-book format, perfect for early readers.

Explore Indian musical instruments and make tablas out of coconuts which really work! Create a Thanjavur doll, a traditional Indian toy, which really bobbles. Experience Yoga positions which resemble animals - including a dice to roll to choose which position to use net. Practice drawing henna designs on a printable hands or make a batch of henna which can really dye your skin! Experience lentil dahl with a child-friendly recipe and learn basic Hindi words with colorful language cards.

 Bundle includes 100 pages of activities - perfect for young learners! 

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