Human Body Systems Life-Size Organ Tracing Coloring Matching Activity

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Learn the major organs of the body with this interactive coloring, tracing and matching activity. Children can trace their life-size body onto poster paper and then color the included organs and match them on "their" body. Organs include names and primary functions of additional learning. Includes a poster for additional help. Resource includes seven (7) pages of resources and is sized for 8.5 X 11" paper.

Organs/Glands included:
- Brain
- Thyroid
- Thymus
- Kidneys
- Pancreas
- Small/Large Intestines
- Heart
- Lungs
- Liver
- Stomach
- Bladder
- Reproductive Organs (Male/Female)

*Photos may include completed items or display items not included. Please note this is ONLY for the digital copies of the resources used. This resource is also included in the HUMAN Anatomy Activity Book.