Human Anatomy & Physiology Body Systems BUNDLE - 99 Pages Printables & Activities!

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Travel into the human body with a comprehensive, interactive study of the human anatomy and physiology system.

I am currently and instructor for Anatomy & Physiology at a local college for adult learners, but these activities have been tweaked to be friendly to younger learners - my kids LOVE doing these activities and we tend to work on A&P related activities at least 1-2 times a year as a focus.

This bundle contains 99 pages of incredible resources! Included are the order of complexity cards with labels, size comparison of microbiology, and a parts of the human cell poster. Create a jello model of a cell, complete with labels. Create a DNA model out of candy in an hands-on activity! Also included are 11 comprehensive illustrated cards detailing the systems of the body, including components and functions of each.

Included is vocabulary and early reading work - a cute little mini-book of the "most important body organ" discussing the function of each organ, as well as an ABC anatomy poster, and corresponding tracing work.

Learn the history of major medical inventions and breakthroughs. Have the child trace their body and match the major organs to their appropriate place on their own personal outline! Each organ is ready for the child to color and includes the name and major functions. Learn about the skeletal system with a full child-sized version with the names of the major bones included. The skeleton can be manipulated with brads and can also promote learning of the different joints. Practice brushing teeth with a dry erase teeth brushing activity.

Continue the study of the musculoskeletal system with an articulating hand joint model - each finger can move independently by pulling the string! Learn about the different joint types with flashcards, and make an arm muscle model which can illustrate eccentric, concentric & isotonic movement.

Learn how our lungs breath by air down the pressure gradient by the movement of our diaphragm - this model really works! Learn the different parts of the human heart as well as the major blood components with a blood sensory tray and blood components microscope cards. See how the blood circulates within the heart and lungs and color in oxygen poor versus oxygen rich with our cardiopulmonary circulation coloring illustration.

In addition, use pom poms to make an illustration of the cervical lymph nodes and learn about the types of WBC cells in the body and how they work as part of our immune system. Speaking of health, we included a fun activity of "better choice" cards for children to choose which is the better option on things ranging from water safety, healthy eating, road safety, wearing helmets, preventative care, etc.

Learn how the kidneys filter the blood with a hands-on activity using a coffee filter and the blood sensory tray - it really looks like pee at the end! Speaking of elimination, learn the stages of digestion with a full-color poster, a hands-on sensory activity where you complete each stage and make well, um, er poop at the end! Learn to make healthy choices with the "healthy plate" sorting work.

Make a comprehensive model of the seven layers of the skin as part of the integumentary system - it even includes veins, arteries, nerves and hair follicles! Did you know that fingerprints are more unique than DNA? Use balloons to magnify your prints to compare them.

Learn about the differences in the female/male reproductive/urinary systems with our parts of matching work and look at how the human fetus develops each month in a spinner craft - from conception to 40 weeks!

We also included a fresh, custom brain hemisphere hat - child can wear this hat and learn where different major functions occur in the human brain. Also, learn the main functions by lobes in our parts of brain poster. We also included a playdough neuron anatomy activity, as this really is a fun looking cell: form = function! Learn about the human emotions with five of the major emotions and matching illustrations. Great way to discuss personal experiences with each.

Lastly, we included an endocrine system matching activity, to learn the major functions of each endocrine gland. We also explored the five major senses cards with hands-on activities and printables. To complete the bundle, we included four iconic art pieces that feature major system(s) of the human body.

This is an amazing, fresh take on the human body and will provide children of multiple ages educational fun!

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