Greece Activity Book: Hands-on Activities, Experiments, Models & Culture Studies!

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Learn about the country of Greece by identifying major landmarks, cities and other geographical locations. Create a detailed 3D paper model of the Parthenon, the iconic ruins that adorn the Acropolis in Athens, as well as a 16th century windmill of the island of Mykonos, each including step-by-step instructions and paper pieces. Review the major points of Greek history with an illustrated poster and time period cards. Create working models of important ancient inventions such as the water clock, catapult and the abacus. Explore the flora and fauna of Greece, identifying unique species of plants and animals and learning their anatomy and life cycles with interactive activities. Discover Grecian art by comparing ancient column designs, pottery detail and theater. Learn the Greek alphabet with colorful alphabet & phrase flashcards and read the mythical story of Daedalus & Icarus. And MUCH more!

  • ISBN: 979-8-9887839-4-7
  • 180 Pages
  • Paperback, Perfect Bound
  • Full Color Flashcards, Posters, Models & Activity Resources
  • Step-by-Step Instructions 

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