GREECE Europe Unit Study Cultural Studies Educational Bundle 99 Pages Themed Activities

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Travel to Greece with themed educational activity to learn about the history, culture and habitat with over 90 pages of fun, interactive activities. Included in an educational placemat/poster & flag w/coloring outline, with Montessori-inspired 3-part cards to learn iconic landmarks. Learn geography with major city and landmark map pinning, states and regions poster and Europe continent flag pinning. Learn fun facts about Greece and look at major historical events in a timeline poster and timeline cards.

Create your own 3D model of the iconic Parthenon ruins with intricate detail and step-by-step instructions - you'll feel like you're really there!  Learn about ancient architecture by studying the major column designs of ancient Greece and match Dorin, Corinthian and Ionic examples. Learn about the 12 Olympian gods of ancient Greece and practice fine motor skills by creating a Kotinos or Olympic wreath made of felt "olive" leaves. Learn what types of clothing the ancient Greeks worn, including Hoplite armor.

Speaking of armor, practice counting with an interactive Trojan horse made of toilet roll. Make a working catapult out of craft sticks and measure the time with a Clepsydra (water) clock as a fun STEM activity. Speaking of science, did you know that the Greeks are attributed as discovering magnets? Discover what items are magnetic or not with an interactive sensory experience. Experience the principles of momentum with the Iynx wheel - a ancient whirligig toy that was used for both fun and possibly religious events. 

Practice reading with the legend of Daedalus & Icarus in our illustrated mini-book. Improv with Greek theater masks and learn the origins of tragedy versus comedy. Practice fine motor skills with threading work on a Lyre, an ancient Greek musical instrument. Practice ancient Greek pottery geometric designs with a engaging process craft. Learn about some of the major Greek philosophers with our Plato (Playdough) mats & info cards. Learn place value with an Abacus, an early calculator used in ancient Greece.

Although ancient Greece contributes significantly to the culture of modern-Greece, we included activities that span the years. Create a 3D model of an iconic Mykonos windmill, protect yourself from the evil eye with a "Mati" pendent. Learn the Greek alphabet with flashcards and practice simple sayings with the colorful language cards, including pronunciation guide. Greece is home to many species of animals, so learn about some of the major ones with the full color Montessori-inspired 3-part cards. Learn the life cycle, anatomy of the Dolphin as well as early writing work with the tracing sheet and interactive felt puzzle.

Lastly, indulge in yummy Greek food by making γύρος (Gyros) - a kid-friendly recipe to engage all the senses. Lastly, compare and contrast the Greek currency, the Euro with color illustrations of both coins and banknotes.

All this is included in this amazing unit study! Available as a digital download and as a printed version, shipped directly to you!