France Activity Book: Hands-on Activities, Models, Experiments & Learning Resources!

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Learn about the country of France by identifying major landmarks, cities and other geographical locations. Create detailed 3D paper models of the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, with step-by-step instructions and paper pieces. Examine the architecture of France by making a Notre Dame themed suncatcher, experimenting with reflection based on Versailles and matching unique gargoyles. Follow the history of France, identifying major historical events and discover incredible inventions such as a the metric system, pasteurization, the Braille alphabet, hot air balloon and the bicycle through hands-on activities, experiments and learning resources. Celebrate historic women of France with a "Droits Des Femmes" flipbook featuring iconic women throughout French history, read about Joan of Arc in a illustrated mini-book and create a gorgeous process art featuring Marie Antoinette. Explore the flora and fauna of France, identifying unique species of plants and animals and learning their anatomy and life cycles. Practice the pronunciation of basic French words with full color flashcards. Discover the cultural practices and traditions that make this country so unique! And MUCH more!

  • 188 Pages
  • Paperback, Perfect Bound
  • Full Color Flashcards, Posters, Models & Activity Resources
  • Step-by-Step Instructions 

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