Egypt Activity Book: Hands-on Activities, Experiments & Learning Resources!

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Learn about the country of Egypt by identifying major landmarks, cities and other geographical locations. Create a 3D paper model of the pyramids and sphinx of Giza, observing their layouts and underground tunnels. Explore ancient Egypt by learning about the science of mummification. Identify the layers of the sarcophagus, play a game of Senet, make papyrus and decode words using hieroglyphic symbols. Follow the history of Egypt with a full color history timeline and fun fact cards. Discover traditional clothing, music, language and art through interactive crafts and activities. Observe native Egyptian flora and fauna and learn about amazing habitats, animals and plants. And MUCH more!

  • ISBN: 979-8-9887839-2-3
  • 188 Pages
  • Paperback, Perfect Bound
  • Full Color Flashcards, Posters, Models & Activity Resources
  • Step-by-Step Instructions 

About Savy Activities:
Travel the world through the interactive learning activities of the Savy Activities activity book series. These hands-on resources provide parents, caregivers and educators practical ways to teach children about the world around them. Each book features a country, location or time period where subjects such as geography, history, vocabulary, reading, language, science, mathematics, music and art come alive through engaging auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning styles.