EGYPT Cultural Country African Continent Study Educational BUNDLE *100 Pages!*

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Travel through educational activities with this fresh interactive educational bundle of activities featuring EGYPT!

Included is an informational placemat poster and country flag, as well as major landmarks, three-part cards and geographical pinning work. Learn fun facts about this amazing country as well as the fauna. See major historical events of Egypt and color a digital rendition of an ancient Egyptian calendar.

Create your own 3D paper diorama of the Giza Plateau, complete with the three great pyramids and their accompanying queen's pyramids. Travel back in time and learn about the process of mummification using apples with a fun STEM-themed science experiment. Learn how mummies were layered with an exclusive sarcophagus model and match the correct organs to the canopic jars. Practice fine motor skills with toilet paper mummy wrap!

Learn about the Ancient Egyptian gods with fun info cards. Make a sundial out of a paper plate. Play a game of Senet with our exclusive 3D craft. Make "papyrus" out of kraft paper and spell out Egyptian-themed words with our hieroglyphic code card match. Practice reading with the store of the doomed prince - a real life myth written on ancient papyrus! Learn about some of the instruments used in ancient Egypt with our full color music poster.

Explore modern-day Egypt with the Egyptian pound currency study. Compare the pyramids to other world landmarks with our units of measurement math activity. Study the anatomy and life cycle of the Egyptian Mau and create your own feathery Steppe Eagle. Learn about the animals of the Sahara Desert with our colorful habitat matching puzzle and learn about the different kinds of cotton with a fun craft and colorful flashcards.

Make colorful Khayamiya fabric and a vibrant Fez Hat, a historical illustration of the Egypt's connection to the Ottoman Empire. Paint colorful Kolla Pottery and practice matching these vibrant designs with the fun matching cards. Make a Hamsa Hand incense burner and make Ful Medames with a kid-friendly recipe and learn basic Arabic Egyptian phrases with colorful language cards.

All this and more all included for one low price. *Choose from e-book (electronic delivery) or printed copy mailed to you.*