AUSTRALIA Oceania Unit Study Cultural Studies Educational Bundle 99 Pages Themed Activities

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Travel to Australia with themed educational activity to learn about the history, culture and habitat with 99 pages of fun, interactive activities.

Included in an educational placemat/poster & flag w/coloring outline, with Montessori-inspired 3-part cards to learn iconic landmarks. Learn geography with major city and landmark map pinning, states and territories poster and Oceania continent flag pinning. Discover how the geographical boundaries of Australia has changed over the years. Learn fun facts about Australia and look at major historical events in a timeline poster. Create your own 3D model of the iconic Sydney Opera House with intricate detail and step-by-step instructions, create the Sydney Harbour Bridge with paper cups and plates and create a gorgeous reef diorama with pasta!

Speaking of the great barrier reef, we included a matching puzzle with some colorful and unique specifies as well as full color Montessori-inspired 3-part cards of indigenous fauna. Make a colorful woven Crocodile out of paper, learn Australian Animal tracks with tracing and cards. Count and do simple match with the adorable echidna counting activity and promote fine motor skills and hand strength.

Learn the life cycle, parts of and early word writing skills with our platypus resources. We included a great stem activity of making a fire snake through chemical reaction and creating a jumping kangaroo with rubber bands. Race them or try to jump as far as a kangaroo - be careful, they can jump up to 30 feet! Try to guess which scent is eucalyptus like the Koala with our sensory activity and make a fun Koala finger puppet. Learn about some major sharks in the world and make a fun toothy shark. Spend the say in the Outback with a fun small world play tray and make the national flower out of tissue paper. 

Learn about the Aboriginal People, indigenous people of Australia. Decorate the aboriginal flag, create a small flip book about the aboriginal people, create a boomerang (that really flies, when made correctly), create dot art, make a dilly bag and a digeridoo that really works! Read about how the Kangaroo got her pouch, an aboriginal folktale.

Match some Aussie slang, learn ABC's with Australian Alphabet Cards, Celebrate Anzac Day with a poppy bouquet & recite Recessional with a colorful poster. Make pavlova with an easy recipe and colorful illustrations. Learn about Australian currency with educational illustrations. So much fun and learning!