BRAZIL South American Unit Study Cultural Studies Bundle Activities Printables

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Included in this bundle is lots of geography, including landmark and city pinning work, flag and country outline recognition, national anthem, and coat of arms! Of course we included our signature fun facts about Brazil!

Create a mini model of Christ the Redeemer, the iconic statute that presides over Rio de Janeiro. Put in a Bumba Meu Boi play with included masks, create a carnival headdress and learn about traditional clothing of Brazil.

Brazil is also home to much of the Amazon river - included is a gorgeous hand painted watercolor illustration if the parts of the river with matching tags, full color cards featuring real life Amazon examples, as well as fauna of the Amazon river in a fun matching puzzle. Don’t forget a fun STEM themed science experiment showing the erosion process as a river is formed.

The Amazon is home to a plethora of snakes, so we include a fun anaconda craft with colorful snake cards including the scientific names and their venom levels. Learn about the sloth, with a interactive life cycle spinner, anatomy labeling and tracing work.

Brazil is home to hundreds of indigenous tribes, many of which are uncontacted. Make a genuine Ashanika palm crown, practice tracing Kayapo designs and make a Rede hammock. Learn about some of the major tribes in full color info cards.

Practice reading with a whimsical Saci mini-book, work in Portuguese phrases, work on counting with Amazon fauna clip cards and make a Ganza and join in making samba music. 

All this and more is included!